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Top 3 FAQs

1. What is the right bike size for me?

Because every body is different it is almost impossible to give you the right size through the internet. Therefore, we invite you to do a bike measurement at one of our dealers. Our frame geometry and sizing is shared with many bikefitting suppliers which makes the measurement process more easy. The Sensa dealer can help you to order the right size bike and after delivery of the bike they can tailor the bike for your needs. 

If you are suffering from injuries, it is advisable to carry out a professional bicycle measurement. We personally have got good experiences with http://www.smamiddennederland.nl/.

2. Do you have the geometry data available?

We provide the geometry data of most of our bikes on the specific product page of that bike. Please check the product page of the bike of your choice and click on the small frame picture. This will open the geometry chart of that bike.

For further information about the geometry you can also contact your local Sensa reseller.

3. How quickly is my bike delivered at my dealer after ordering?

A big part of our bike range is built to order. This way you can buy a bike that is tailored to your needs. Due to this method of production the delivery time of your bike can vary. Contact your dealer for further information about delivery times.

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