Warranty terms

Warranty terms

The Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. warranty against manufacturing defects on each frame, fork and Intersens components, starting from the date of purchase is :

This warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.

  • Alloy frames 5 years
  • Rigid forks 5 years
  • Carbon frames 3 years
  • Paint 2 years
  • Parts 2 years
  • Suspension Parts 2 years (after one year one must prove that maintenance has been done.
  • The warranty on parts not produced by Intersens Bikes & Parts BV will be covered by the warranty of the relevant producer

This warranty only covers replacement of a defect. In case Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V.will replace a defective frame/part, the replacement will be of the same or a better quality. A new frame/part could be different from the original.

This warranty will only be granted in case your bike is bought from an officially by Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. authorized dealer.

With each warranty claim you always will have to show maintenance-proof. In case of a possible warranty claim always contact your dealer. He will contact Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. will never settle a warranty claim directly with a consumer!

This warranty does not cover

  • Wear, incorrect assembly, maintenance and assembling of non original parts.
  • Consequential damages caused by accidents, crashes, malpractise, destruction, etc.
  • Modifications to the bike not approved by Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V., the use of non genuine parts, incorrect or insufficient maintenance and the incorrect follow up of instructions in the manual.
  • All damages arising from participation in competition, stuntriding, jumping, carrying heavy loads,commercial activities or activities simiral to the above mentioned, all to the evaluation of Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V.
  • The cost of replacing a frame or any other part.
  • All costs of transportation to and from Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. resulting from warranty claims


A warranty claim granted by Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. does not automatically mean that Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. accepts responsibility for possible consequential damages.

What to do in case of a warranty claim

  • You always have to go to your dealer/retailer
  • Your dealer will in consultation with Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. determine whether you will be entitled to claim your damage as a guarantee. The evaluation of your dealer does not automaticly mean that your claim will be accepted by Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V.
  • Your dealer will send the defective frame/parts/bike to Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. and Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. will check the frame/parts/bike and make the final decision whether your claim will be accepted or not.

Shipment of the frame/parts/bike by the dealer

  • Parts will have to be send freight paid; cleaned and properly packed. Not claimed parts will have to be disassembled.
  • In case of a defective frame, the complete bike must be offered to Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. In consulting with Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V.may be permitted to deviate from this condition.In case of deviation of this condition without permission of Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V. all claimrights shall cease.
  • Always add a copy of the original invoice and a clear description of the defect. Without a clear description of the defect the warranty claim will not be handled.
  • The received defective frames/parts will not be returned after accepting a warranty claim.
  • All frames/parts of unaccepted warranty claims will be stored for one month after receipt. Upon request of the dealer these frames/parts can be returned .
  • Any shipping cost will not be paid by Intersens Bikes & Parts B.V.