Get into carbon

Carbon fibre is a fantastic material with great possibilities. But it is also a very fragile material when not properly used. So carbon fibre products always need to be taken care of with extra precaution. Please take this in mind every time you use your bike.

When you install your saddle and set it at the right height please also take in mind the right tensioning torque of the seat post clamp. This may not exceed 5Nm. Preferably use a torque wrench. Exceeding this limit may cause unrepairable damage to your frame. Also never replace the clamp for an aftermarket model but always use the original one. This model is especially designed for use with carbon frames.

Besides the right amount of torque you also have to use the right positioning as stated on the clamp itself. When in doubt please contact your dealer. In contrast to alloy frame you may never use grease in a carbon frame. Always use a clean and grease free seat post. In case you want to use a carbon assembly paste we would recommend Tacx Dynamic Carbon paste. This is specially developed for use with carbon fibre bike components.Carbon frames are not designed to be used in a so called home trainer. These kind of trainers can cause to much strain of the rear frame of the bike.

Please never use solvent-based cleaning products. These products can damage the paint and carbon fibre material. Places that are prone to damage can be protected with see-through stickers. Especially the rear frame is prone to damage due to hitting of the chain. But also outer cables can cause damage to your paint because they scuff against the frame. Small rubble and rocks can cause your paint to chip on the underside of the frame. Please clean your bike after every ride because sweat can damage your paint due to the salts and acids in human sweat.

Carbon fibre bike tubes are very thin-walled and can damage quickly. So transporting your bikes needs some extra attention. Not all roof carriers are sufficient in transporting bikes on the roof of your care. Also carriers that fixate the bike at the crank are not to be used. Best way to transport your bike is by laying it flat inside your car. Because of the thin walls of carbon fibre frames most of the carriers which use clamps around the frame are not suitable. (Over-)tightening the clamps can cause your frame to crack. Also tend these cariers to give through all the shocks to the bike which also can cause the frame to crack.

Carbon frames are built as light as possible to give you the best performance. But these light materials can harm the durability compared to steel or alloy bike frames. Please take this in mind when using a carbon bike. After very intense use you may need to replace the frame.