Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I buy my new Sensa directly from you?
    We exclusively sell our bikes through Sensa resellers. Please check our dealer locator to find an official Sensa dealer near you.

  2. And what about buying replacement parts or having my bike serviced?
    Your Sensa dealer can supply you with all the replacement parts for your Sensa bike. He can also provide additional services like assembling the parts to your bike. Also for regular service and maintenance you can ask the dealer to assist you. We cannot provide this service directly to you.

  3. Where can I get that nice Sensa catalogue?
    Our catalogue can be picked up free of charge at every official Sensa reseller. Check our dealer locator for a dealer near you.

  4. Why should I buy in a Local Bike Store when I can buy through the internet?
    The LBS can help you out with additional advise on many subjects. This can be extremely helpful, especially for starters and people who are not sure on how to set-up a bike or what size to buy. Also in case of small repairs your LBS tends to help you out swiftly. But if you are a qualified mechanic, experienced rider and know exactly what you need you can buy online. Please keep in mind that for service or warranty issues, you also need to deal with the online retailer.

  5. Sometimes there is a price-difference between your Local Bike Store and an online retailer. Why is that?
    This is because your LBS is located in a more expensive location, in a nicely decorated shop with showroom and mechanics standing by to help out at any time. An online retailer usually has got less overhead and can work more effective, and can there for be cheaper. Usually the LBS offers more service, like a tire-pumping station or a testing set-up for that nice Tacx Trainer, though.

  6. What is the right bike size for me?
    Because every body is different it is almost impossible to give you the right size through the internet. Therefore, we invite you to do a bike measurement at one of our dealers. They can help you to order the right size bike and after delivery of the bike they can tailor the bike for your needs.
    If you are suffering from injuries, it is advisable to carry out a professional bicycle measurement. We personally have got good experiences with

  7. Do you have the geometry data available?
    We provide the geometry data of most of our bikes on the specific product page of that bike. Please check the product page of the bike of your choice and click on the small frame picture. This will open the geometry chart of that bike.
    For further information about the geometry you can also contact your local Sensa reseller.

  8. How quickly is my bike delivered at my dealer after ordering?
    A big part of our bike range is built to order. This way you can buy a bike that is tailored to your needs. Due to this method of production the delivery time of your bike can vary. Contact your dealer for further information about delivery times.

  9. I have a problem with my Sensa bike. Can I contact you directly?
    Having problems with your bike is alway inconvenient. Your Sensa dealer is the right person to contact in such a case. He knows you and your bike and therefore he can most likely fix the problem very quick. In case your dealer might need some extr help then he can contact us.

  10. For how long do I have warranty on my Sensa bike?
    Our warranty terms as they are stated in our user manual can be read here. We also supply a written manual with all the bikes that we sell. 

  11. What to do if I want to make a warranty claim?
    In case something might happen to your Sensa and you suspect it might be a warranty issue please contact your Sensa dealer. Your dealer will do the initial assesment. If he thinks it might be a production failure he can contact us. We will asses the claim together with the Sensa dealer. The assessment by your dealer does not automaticly mean that your warranty claim is granted by us. For the last review your dealer must send the part of the bicycle to Sensa.

  12. What if I have had an accident or I have crashed my carbon bike?
    We offer you a so called "Crash Replacement Service". This is a service to provide you with a new carbon frame and fork in case you had an accident. This exchange service is intended to provide an uncomplicated and cost-saving service for you following a crash resulting in damage to the carbon frame and/or carbon forks.
    You can use this service during the original warranty period. In the first year after the purchase of your bike we offer a 50% discount on the original framekit price. In the second and third year the discount is 30%. Please contact your Sensa dealer for details and prices.

  13. I am a really talented cyclist. Do you offer any kind of sponsoring?
    Yes we support several cycling events and cycling teams. Besides this we get a lot of questions about personal sponsoring. Mostly for charity events like Alpe d'HuZes or similar projects. Although we welcome these kind of initiatives, we cannot grant these requests due to many applications we get every day.